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Lab coats are a type of protective clothing worn by medical and dental professionals. They are designed to shield users from dirt, debris, chemicals, germs, and bacteria that might be encountered in the workplace. Most lab coats and jackets are manufactured with materials that are stain resistant, durable, and comfortable. Flame resistant (Nomex) lab coats are also a good idea if you work in laboratories with a heat source.

AllHeart offers you the world's largest, in-stock selection of lab coats, personal medical apparel, footwear, and equipment at great prices.
Laboratory Coat
Just Lab Coats offeries a complete line of laboratory coats for men and women as well as gowns and other protective apparel.
Laboratory Coat
US Medical Supplies carries a full line of disposable lab coats, gowns, and other protective apparel. Checkout their website for special offers.
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