Nurses put in long hours on their feet. The shoes they wear must be able to keep up with them during the day. They have to be comfortable, durable, and must protect the feet. There are many types and styles to choose from. But It’s important to realize that your job may require additional protection. Make sure to look for specific features that suit you best. Features such as slip-resistant soles or other specific safety features may be a necessity.

Shoe Fitting Guidelines

  • Each year measure your feet by length and width. Feet will change with age so its important to adjust your size if necessary.
  • Always wear socks when trying on shoes.
  • Be aware that sizes will vary from brand to brand.
  • Purchase a shoe that is comfortable right from the start.
  • Make sure to have at least a half inch of space from the end of your big toe to the tip of the shoe.
  • Consider the width of the shoe
  • Soles should be strong and flexible with a good gripping surface.
  • Insoles should be cushioned to absorb the jolts of walking on hard surfaces.
  • Check to see if there any specific hospital safety requirements.