How often do I have to charge my electric wheelchair battery?

Usually the manufacturer of your electric wheelchair will advertise a range that the wheelchair or scooter can travel between charges. Usually they will word it as: “between — and — miles”. In most cases it is anywhere from 10 – 20 miles. The range also depends on the users weight, ground level, and temperature. You can fully charge an empty battery overnight (8 hrs). Most new batteries have a life span of approximately 2 years.

To increase the range of your wheelchair battery you can:

  • Properly inflated tires (if pneumatic)
  • Follow the manufacturer’s charging instructions to a T
  • Never run your battery down to zero
  • Don’t “top off” the battery
  • Charge batteries as soon as possible after use
  • Avoid hot and cold temperature extremes
  • Use the right type of charger for your battery (gel, wet, etc)
  • Always store your batteries with a full charge.

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