What are types of electric wheelchair tires are available?

There are a variety of options when in comes to the wheels and tires of your power wheelchair. Most suppliers will typically offer 3 types: Pneumatic (air filled), foam filled, and solid rubber.

  • Pneumatic tires offer an extremely smooth and stable ride but lose points when it comes to maintenance. They need constant upkeep and will often lose air, or if punctured, can go completely flat. Most power wheelchair users enjoy the performance that pneumatic tires offer but will not use them for traveling longer distances.
  • Foam filled wheelchair tires are standard pneumatic tires that have been filled with a poly-foam insert. Also called flat free tires, they offer inserts that are added to replace the inner tubes with urethane foam.
  • Solid rubber tires are the most popular and usually the most inexpensive. Even though you’ll feel every bump and indent in the road, you’ll have the peace of mind that they will never lose air or go flat. It usually comes down to user preference when choosing from one design or the other.

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