How kind of maintenance is required for a mobility scooter?

Mobility scooters require specific daily, weekly, monthly, and even annual inspections for certain components. Each type of inspection is designed to increase the life span of your mobility device and make unexpected repairs less likely. In most cases the highest areas of concern will be the battery, tires, wheels, brakes, and some electrical components. Always make sure to consult the owners manual of your scooter before starting inspections.

The battery & battery terminals of your mobility device should be examined  and cleaned to eliminate any corrosion that may have built up during use. After cleaning the connections make sure each terminal is tightened. Always store your vehicle in a cool dry place, when not in use, to get the most out of the battery. It’s also a good idea to wear safety goggles when doing any work around a battery.

The tires of your mobility scooter should also be examined weekly. Different types of tires will require a different type of inspection and/or maintenance. If you have pneumatic tires installed on your vehicle you’ll want to spend a little more time examining the tire pressure. Each air filled tire should have tire pressure recommendations (also check the owners manual). If you have foam filled or solids, you’ll want to focus more on the tread.

The wheels & bearings of your scooter should  be inspected often to make sure they spin straight and smoothly. The bearings should allow for a smooth ride but if they are worn they’ll become a detriment to the range of your scooter. You should be able to find a local medical supply store with anything you may need to replacement the tires, wheels, or bearings.

The lights, fuses, & electrical components should be checked before each use to verify they are in working condition and free of any moisture. Be sure to not only check the connections but the insulation as well. The lighting on your scooter is so others will be aware that you are around, especially other vehicles.

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