What is the normal range of a mobility scooter?

The range of a mobility scooter depends on a number of factors. Each could have an effect on the battery life of your mobility device.

  • The users weight
  • Ground level
  • Distances traveled
  • Frequency of use
  • Age of the battery
  • Temperature during travel
  • Depth of charge
  • Frequency of charge
  • Storage temp of the battery
  • Carrying any extra baggage
  • The amount of air in your tires

In normal situations your scooter should be able to travel anywhere from 15-25 miles on one charge (see your user manual). You can however purchase batteries that will extend the range. Most scooters have a battery that will charge overnight (6-8 hours). It’s always a good idea to plan your route before going on a trip outdoors. Compare previous outings and the overall performance of your scooter to determine if there is enough power in the battery. Avoid stop and go traffic as well.

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