What are the different types of manual wheelchair tires on the market?

In most cases, you’ll have the choice of pneumatic, semi-pneumatic, or solid wheelchair tires. Each type is manufactured with rubber and provide the user with different handling, performance, and comfort.

  • Pneumatic tires are air filled and provide the smoothest ride. They are the easiest to install and provide the user with an effortless ride. The drawback on this type of tire is the potential for it to go flat.
  • Semi-pneumatic tires have a foam insert (replacing the inner tube) with a core filled with a thin layer of air or gel. These tires provide performance, handling, as well as the peace of mind that they will not deflate during use.
  • Solid tires come with or without tread but are more for general, everyday use. They are the most reliable, require the least amount of maintenance, but typically offer the least comfortable ride.

According to many wheelchair users, “the performance of a wheelchair is largely related to the type of wheels and tires that it has been equipped with”. See the manual wheelchairs category of the site for more information.

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